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  • On 26/05/2016

    Popular among hackers deal with invalid proxies. Turkish town impressed me with its accuracy, well-maintained and well-developed infrastructure.

  • On 16/04/2016

    Not legally savvy person in this case it is better to consult specialists in this area, which will help to avoid potential fraud. I first became acquainted with Turkey in 2009.

Since purchasing property in this country, you automatically get a residence permit, and after 5 years of residency to obtain citizenship. Thus, the installment is convenient option of payment of real estate when the buyer has the main part of security Deposit and the remaining payment he plans to make soon - for example, if he just sold his estate, and in the near future is waiting for receipt of the entire amount to the Bank account. What is so interesting about the possibility of buying property in Turkey? How can we use it? The answers to these and other questions you will find in this article.

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